Stay in Compliance


Serving our Community Together

We enjoy working with government agencies and municipalities who work hard to serve our communities, and we know that within these organizations staff resources and budgets can be tight.

Whether you work in an office needing responsible recycling and data destruction for IT equipment or you run your cities’ annual clean-up day for residents, you have found the right partner.

  • Our team is experienced with government agency-specific paperwork and protocols for entering government facilities for our convenient pickup services.
  • Our thorough reporting process and data destruction practices meet or surpass most agencies’ compliance standards for agency-owned IT assets.
  • With over 400 collection events of experience, our team is trained to handle the busiest of public electronics recycling collection days, bringing staff and shipping supplies to ensure safety and security.

And as a bonus to working with us, you invest tax dollars back into our community by supporting our work readiness training program.

As your agency updates its technology or hosts community events, request service to create a plan which meets your unique requirements.


Global Impact

Tech Dump addresses several UN Sustainable Development Goals , including poverty, vocational skills, material footprint, sustainable industry, discrimination, urban waste management, hazardous waste, and climate change.

Tech Dump helped me to start over. They encouraged me to take pride in my work and helped me regain the confidence I needed to succeed. I am forever grateful.

tech dump graduate

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