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TV Recycling is easy, drop yours off today!


TVs are very harmful to just throw away. TV recycling is simple to do. Please be responsible when disposing of this material.

We recycle your:

  • Plasma ($20)
  • LCD and LED ($20)
  • CRTs <20″ ($15)
  • CRTs 21-25″ ($25)
  • CRTs >26″ ($50)
  • Console, DLP, or Rear Projection TVs ($75)
  • Bare tube, broken CRT, or damaged Plasma/LCD/LED (additional $15 environmental charge)
  • … so many things! See our list of electronics we recycle.


Why to recycle your electronics with Tech Dump:

  • The earth will thank you for your responsible recycling decision.
  • Your data security is guaranteed every time.
  • We’re a non-profit. That means you’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt when you recycle your electronics.
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