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Your information security is a primary concern for us. As an R2-certified company and NAID Member, Tech Dump has undergone extensive third-party auditing to ensure that our onsite data destruction processes are effective and secure.

Due to regulations such as HIPAA and other requirements, many clients require all data to be destroyed prior to retired assets leaving their facility. Our on-site services have proven popular with government agencies, banks and financial institutions, healthcare facilities, and other organizations.

Please contact us to discuss pricing and our specific shredding process.

Here’s a high-level overview of our on-site high volume hard drive destruction process:onsite data destruction

  • Our truck is equipped with our hard drive shredder to provide this convenient service.
  • Two members of our team arrive to remove your items for data destruction and responsible IT recycling.
  • Upon request, hard drive serial numbers are scanned prior to shredding to provide your final serialized inventory.
  • The shredded material is then brought back to our secure facility until the material is smelted and metals reclaimed.

Whether you select our on-site or off-site data destruction methods, we promise that your information remains yours – and only yours. And you don’t have to just take our word for it– we have been third-party certified to verify our process.

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